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Why Digit?

Be ready for anything

One app for all your goals

With unlimited savings goals, Digit can put money toward everyday expenses, emergencies, vacations and more. Digit even helps you avoid overdraft fees.

Digit analyzes your income and spending every day, saving what you can afford and helping you make progress and achieve financial health.

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Leave debt behind

Invest in your future

Get that debt free feeling faster. Digit can help you pay off credit card and student loan debt and save you money on interest payments.

Digit can smartly save and invest in a retirement plan that’s right for you, so you can feel confident about your future.

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Better than doing it yourself, sometimes we underestimate how much we could be putting away.

I love the simplicity and ease of saving for a variety of goals - all without lifting a finger.

Digit has saved me from overdraft fees, and its daily texts keep me from overspending. Highly recommend.




Your all-in-one financial health membership

Digit is free for 6 months, then just $5/month. All our features are bundled into one transparent monthly membership that’s designed to deliver progress on your financial goals.

  • Automated Saving
    Digit knows when it's ok to save.

  • Low Balance Protection
    Automatic transfers to your checking.

  • Pay Off A Credit Card
    Digit will help you save more towards your monthly payments.

  • Invest in your future
    Digit can help you save for retirement

  • Unlimited Withdraws
    Get your money when you want it.

  • No Account Minimums
    Leave as little as you want in Digit.

  • FDIC-insured
    Your money and data is secure with Digit

Get Digit and start making financial progress today